Being Honest Without Negative Consequences

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Recently, I recorded a How’d it Happen podcast with Tah Whitty, who I first learned about on Mike Dillard’s podcast [you should check out Mike].

It was a special conversation and my first recorded video podcast (yeah!).

We talked about a ton of things. Very personal and, sometimes, uncomfortable things. You might agree with some of it and not agree with some of it too.

The point isn’t total agreement, it’s expanded understanding.

The podcast will air in the next few days. In the meantime, here’s a glimpse into what you can expect. Stay tuned for the rest of the story.

Tah Witty was a “surprise” baby who considered himself to be a mistake. His older brother beat him up and threatened to kill him. He wet the bed and had insomnia.

He lied incessantly until he was 30 years old. It was his normal.

He became whatever person he needed to be to make people think that he was who they wanted him to be. Lying was his normal, like on autopilot. He only told the truth to his patients, because as a nurse he’d taken an oath to do no harm. For himself and everyone else around him, the truth was whatever lie he could get away with.

As an ER triage nurse, Tah developed an innate sense, a superpower, to feel, smell and read the people he was assessing. He would pull them in close as he talked with them and took their blood pressures and temperatures. The smell of patient’s breath and sweat told him something about them. They were unmistakable signs of what was happening on their insides. About how the patient was feeling and thinking. The signs were their truth’s, even when they didn’t know it or didn’t want to talk about it.

Honesty was a struggle for Tah. When he tried to be honest, it blew up in his face and damaged relationships. People’s reaction to his attempts to be honest reinforced his reasons not to be. He crashed…so many times…over and over…looking for a change…searching for a way.

Until he met Kole, his wife, life and business partner.

She became the first person he could be honest with, without negative consequences. With Kole’s help, being honest became the change that Tah was looking for. The change that would turn his life around and become his mission in life. The change that would allow his body to relax. The change that would allow him to sleep and the change that would inspire him to help others. Together, Tah and Kole started a company, TahKole Bio Integration, to put their collective skillsets to work helping high performers get un-stuck.

They help clients become aware of the ins and outs of their bodies and teach them how to scale both personally and professionally without crashing.

They teach leaders how to be become authentic and natural, asking questions and diving into the answers.

Their clients learn how authenticity and inclusiveness can remove all the brainwashing they’ve let life do to them and how to become the natural person they are, instead of the person they’ve become or think they need to be. Recently, to expand the conversations surrounding racism, Tah’s created Rated R for Racism. It’s focused on promoting understanding and inclusiveness, including every perspective in the conversation, recognizing that racism is a system that affects us all and, most importantly, talking about what we can all do to make it a thing of the past. Want more help understanding your current thinking? Take Tah’s quiz.

Again, this special – and first video podcast will drop in a few days. Watch for it in your feed and hit play!

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