Tim O’Connor, 3 Proven Rules to Earn over $1000 per Hour – Episode 50

Tim O’Connor is a Managing Director at Sandler O’Neill, an independent, full-service investment banking firm. He’s also Mike’s oldest and best friend, a friendship that started in elementary school at St. Denis School in Havertown PA.  Tim graduated from the University of Delaware and started his career in the corporate world as an accountant.  He quickly rose through the ranks at several large, publicly traded companies, ending up as the CFO, Treasurer and, finally, the Chief Restructuring officer at ICF Kaiser, a company he helped lead through a complicated bankruptcy process, from which it ultimately survived and flourished.  That experience convinced Tim that he could “take a chance,” move to New York City and become an investment banker, a career in which he has excelled.    

Mike and Tim cover a ton of great stuff in this episode, including how he knew from a young age that he wanted to have an impact, why “not being a center of the road guy” has been a key to his success, why he doesn’t believe in 5 year plans and how his focus on continuing to think creatively about every situation in which he’s involved in, is what makes him different. Tim also shares 3 rules that helped him earn over $1000 per hour.

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Please enjoy Tim O’Connor.

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    1. Thanks for the comment Kathy. I’m glad you enjoyed the episode!

      I apologize for the audio quality in certain parts of the episode. I was experimenting with a new internet platform and there was a learning curve that I did not fully understand. I’m in it now. Mike

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