12 Minute CEO Lessons – All Lessons Come with Pain – Episode 33.5

Podcast: Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: RSSIn this video episode Aleta Norris explores why Mike believes “All Lessons Come with Pain” and how it how it helps us get up, get going and kept moving on to achieve our goals and get over the pain that we experience along the way. Watch the video […]

Why Entrepreneurs Need Pain and Fear – Episode 27.5

Podcast: Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: RSSIn this 2nd video episode with Aleta Norris, co-founder of Living as a Leader, I share two stories about experiencing pain and fear, and the entrepreneurial lessons that it taught me. (Watch here https://youtu.be/GQQlLIiGg2c ) First, I believe all lessons come with pain. As an entrepreneur and CEO, […]

Wanna Drive? Part 2

“Wanna Drive?” Michael asked. I did. But I said no, because that’s what I should have said, and because I was 18, had been drinking, never drove a tractor-trailer, didn’t have a license, wasn’t an employee  . . . the reasons kept coming. “What the f***, kid. You didn’t come to waste your whole day just […]

Wanna Drive? Part 1

Sometimes my friend Peter can’t sleep and, when that happens, he sometimes turns to YouTube for curiosity, and somnolence. He told me about a video he “found” the other night when he was sleepless. “It was a video with a trucker explaining how to drive an 18-speed transmission as he drove it up the road, […]