Jack Rooney, Marketing VP, Convincing Brands to be Ambitious – Episode 103

Podcast Jack Rooney Marketing VP Convincing Brands to Be Ambitious How'd It Happen Podcast

Podcast: Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: RSSJack Rooney is the Senior Vice President for Marketing Strategy and Client Engagement for Fiserv. Prior to joining Fiserv in 2018, Jack spent more than a decade with The Ogilvy Group, culminating with his being named CEO of Ogilvy Chicago. Jack’s incredible journey included an early stint as […]

Creating a WHAT’S THAT MEAN? moment

My friend, Jeff, recently renamed his company. It was time. He’s in the insurance business. His Dad started the company and named it sensibly, for that time. Decades later, though, as Jeff and his partner fought to establish themselves as different in a world of sameness, they concluded that their company’s sensible name was confining […]