Leadership Habit 10 – Believe

Leadership Habit 10 - Believe - Mike Malatesta

Leadership is a belief system.  And it’s infectious.   If you believe, and use that belief as fuel, anything is possible. If, on the other hand, you don’t believe, you’re doomed.   I read a book called “You Can’t Hurt Me” by David Goggins [highly recommend], a former Navy Seal.  In it, he describes our built-in self-limiting belief system, […]

Leadership Habit 9 – Be Grateful

10 Leadership Habits - Habit 9 is to be Grateful - Mike Malatesta

I believe Leadership Habit 9 is to be grateful. If you ever get to the point where your leadership style makes others around you feel unimportant, marginalized or scared, I hope someone has the courage to call you out for being an a**hole or, better yet, that you have the sliver of self-awareness needed to […]

Leadership Habit 8 – Take the Blame

Leadership Habit Number 8 Take the Blame - Mike Malatesta - Ownershift Coaching

I believe leadership habit 8 is to take the blame. A Leader takes the blame.  As a Leader, it’s always your fault – unless you’re a politician of course and then it’s always some other person’s fault, which seems like a Leadership paradox, but I digress.   As I see it, if you’re a Leader and you’re […]

Leadership Habit 7 – Learn

Leadership Habit Number 7 - Learn - Mike Malatesta - Ownershift Coaching

I believe leadership habit no.7 is to Learn. Albert Einstein is famous for suggesting that, “No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.”   At some point, I feel like you learn “all there is to learn about Leadership and Leading your team” from inside the walls of your company.  Maybe that takes six months or maybe six […]

Leadership Habit 6 – Be Clear

Leadership Habit Number 6 Be Clear - Mike Malatesta - Ownershift Coaching

I believe leadership habit No.6 is to Be Clear. Just because I think something – doesn’t mean that everyone else will get what I’m thinking.  This has historically been one of my most frustrating Leadership weaknesses.  I believed that if I set the example, people would follow that example.   I was often wrong about that.   I […]

Leadership Habit 5 – Decide

Leadership Habit number 5 Decide - Mike Malatesta Ownershift Coaching

I believe leadership habit no.5 is to decide – you need to get good at making decisions. When the asking and listening are done, and a decision is required (which isn’t always the case), the Leader owes the team a decision.  “I’ll think about it” is an OK, yet temporary, strategy – and it needs […]

Leadership Habit 4 – Listen

Leadership Habit Number 4 - Listen - Mike Malatesta

I believe leadership habit no.4 is to Listen. If I’m willing to ask, I also need to be willing to shut up and listen.  I get it, it’s hard.  Especially when it feels to me like the person I’m listening to is accelerating toward a cliff they don’t see coming or are otherwise headed down a path […]

Leadership Habit 3 – Ask Questions

Leadership Habit Number 3 - Ask Questions - Mike Malatesta - Owner Shift Coaching

I believe Leadership Habit No. 3 is to Ask Questions. Nobody likes a know-it-all, and too many leaders I’ve experienced pretend to be just that.  I think I understand why leaders pretend to know it all. It’s because these leaders often do know more than those with whom they’ve surrounded themselves.  In my experience, this has usually […]

Leadership Habit 2 – Be Real

Leadership Habit No.2 - Be Real - Owner Shift Coaching

I believe leadership habit no.2 is to Be Real. I’m about the furthest anyone can be from a small talker, a rah-raher or a ‘tell it like I see it – no matter what’ kind of Leader. I’m no good at the first two and don’t feel the need to be.  And I’ve never found much value, […]

Leadership Habit 1 – Stay Calm

No.1 Leadership Habit - Stay Calm - Owner Shift Coaching

I believe leadership habit no.1 is to Stay Calm. There are situations that warrant a leader going berserk. Preventing a serious and imminent accident and/or spotting an IED or Bomb threat come to mind.  But in business, at least in my experience, these situations are rare and infrequent.  As a result, remaining calm (at least on the outside) […]