Manuj Aggarwal – Data is the New Gold (342)

Manuj Aggarwal is a business mentor, entrepreneur, digital & business strategist, author, podcast host, and inventor. From working in a factory for $2 a day at age 15 in his native India to the boardrooms of Fortune 500 companies, Manuj has become world-renowned AI expert and entrepreneur expert.

Billions to Nillions (341)

In this episode, I talk about FTX, the Bahamian-based cryptocurrency firm that went from Billions to what I call Nillions – it means nil – in just a matter of weeks.  

Marty Brooks – Ready to Be at the Head of the Table [340]

Marty Brooks is the President and CEO of the Wisconsin Center District in Milwaukee. In this role, Marty also oversees business growth and operations for the Wisconsin Center, UW-Milwaukee Panther Arena and Miller High Life Theatre. He works closely with VISIT Milwaukee to secure unforgettable acts and diverse conventions year-round that heighten WCD’s value and […]

Who’s Leading You? (339)

In this episode, I ask the question, Who’s Leading You?  In past episodes, I know we’ve talked about the importance holding your employees or team members to a higher expectation than they would hold themselves. And the importance of then helping them achieve those goals. So what about you? As a leader?  Who are you asking to hold you to higher expectations?  A coach? A mentor?

Todd Musselman – The Vital Choice (338)

Todd Mussselman is a Leadership Trainer, Motivational Speaker, and Executive Coach. Famous for producing effective results through one primary mechanism – Fierce, Focused & Supportive Conversations.

Nails in a Fence (337)

In this episode, I talk about a sort of fable, a parable, called Nails in a Fence. Some of you may be familiar, but if not, I draw some real-world parallels that I think you might appreciate.

Leaving it on the Field (335)

In this episode, I discuss the concept of “Leaving it on the Field.” Many of us have our favorite sports, our favorite teams that we are fans of, some of us can be somewhat over-enthusiastic fans, possibly even rabid fans.  But in the end, it is just a game, and most of us can walk away and remain friendly with those who are not as enthusiastic about the teams we support.

Sheldon Epps – Following My Own Directions (334)

Sheldon Epps is one of the all-time most influential African-American theatre leaders. He has directed on and off Broadway, in London’s West End, and at many theatres across the US. He’s also a prolific television director helming some of the classic shows of recent years. He was the artistic director of the renowned Pasadena Playhouse for two decades, and currently serves as senior artistic advisor at historic Ford’s Theatre in Washington, D.C.