Dave Strand, CEO, Welding Together a Championship Culture – Episode 71

Podcast: Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: RSSDave Strand is a private investor and previous Owner & CEO of Wisconsin Oven Corporation, an East Troy, WI based manufacturer of large heat treat and other specialty thermal ovens for industry. When Wisconsin Oven was sold to Thermal Product Solutions, Dave became its CEO, responsible for 4 oven manufacturing companies located throughout the […]

It’s My Fault – Episode 53.5

Podcast: Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: RSSThis is a story about responsibility that I call, “It’s My Fault.” “My assistant really dropped the ball on me this time.” “My drivers can’t follow simple directions.” “Our sales guys are useless.” “Our people are too dumb to understand a 401k plan.” “We’re pissing money away and […]

10 Leadership Habits that Work, for Me at Least

There are so many people writing about Leadership these days that it feels close to impossible to know who’s right about what Leadership really looks like – and who’s not.  There are tons of varying opinions, and most sound convincing.  It’s everywhere.  There’s Leadership advice from Ex-Navy Seals, Corporate CEO’s, Unicorn Start-Up Founders, Shark Tank Celebrities and from […]

My Lack Of Curiosity Cost Me Millions

I like to think lots of things about myself, but being curious is something I think I really am.  I like to explore the unknown, ask about and understand what appears to be known, learn what’s possible. ‘They’ say we’re born curious (I can’t remember what I was like when I was born, so I’ll take […]

How I Overcame Stupid

I can be a shiny object kind of guy. You know, the one who’s drawn to the newest or most recent thing I’ve seen or heard. My wife has learned to just yeah-yeah me when I start talking about something I just heard but for some reason I must pursue, right now. She knows that […]