Leadership Habit 10 – Believe

Leadership Habit 10 - Believe - Mike Malatesta

Leadership is a belief system.  And it’s infectious.   If you believe, and use that belief as fuel, anything is possible. If, on the other hand, you don’t believe, you’re doomed.   I read a book called “You Can’t Hurt Me” by David Goggins [highly recommend], a former Navy Seal.  In it, he describes our built-in self-limiting belief system, […]

Toni Lontis – Finding Your Smile! (298)

Toni Lontis

Toni Lontis is an international radio broadcaster, bestseller co-author, novelist, speaker, and visionary who discreetly entered the business world in 2019 with the release of her memoir, Resilience.

Leadership Habit 9 – Be Grateful

10 Leadership Habits - Habit 9 is to be Grateful - Mike Malatesta

I believe Leadership Habit 9 is to be grateful. If you ever get to the point where your leadership style makes others around you feel unimportant, marginalized or scared, I hope someone has the courage to call you out for being an a**hole or, better yet, that you have the sliver of self-awareness needed to […]

Why Waste Gets Hidden in the Back (293)

In this episode, I talk about why waste typically gets hidden in the back. Out of mind, out of sight, right?  But I’m not just talking about trash – physical waste. 

Leadership Habit 8 – Take the Blame

Leadership Habit Number 8 Take the Blame - Mike Malatesta - Ownershift Coaching

I believe leadership habit 8 is to take the blame. A Leader takes the blame.  As a Leader, it’s always your fault – unless you’re a politician of course and then it’s always some other person’s fault, which seems like a Leadership paradox, but I digress.   As I see it, if you’re a Leader and you’re […]