Starting a Business is Easy, Surviving it is Really Hard

Starting a Business is Easy - Surviving it is Really Hard - Ownershift Coaching - Mike Malatesta

Starting a business is easy. All it takes is a dream, some paperwork and money. Surviving as a business is hard. Really Hard. All it takes is great execution, hours & hours, doing what the 5% do and the 95% don’t, more money than you thought, great team members & clients, many Owner Shifts, and […]

All Progress Starts with the Truth

All Progress Starts with the Truth - Mike Malatesta - Ownershift Coaching

In Strategic Coach I learned that All Progress Starts with the TRUTH. If we can’t admit, or accept, the truth, we will ALWAYS have a hard time making progress because we’ll always be operating in an alternative world of falsehood. Funny – I always expected [and maybe demanded] the truth from the people I worked with – […]

No Such Thing as a Good or Bad Story

No Such Thing As a Good or Bad Story - Ownshift Coaching - Mike Malatesta

There’s no such thing as a good or bad story.Stories just are.They’re things; products of choices.Some I like talking about openly—they’re safe.Others I only talk about with myself.Because I don’t like the way they sound, especially out loud, processed through others’ ears.But we decide what our stories mean.We can change what we decide our stories […]

How Do You Talk to You?

How Do You Talk to You - Ownershift Coaching - Mike Malatesta

Part 4 of my new book, Owner Shift is called Breakthroughs and it’s about the specific changes and choices that I made when I was stuck in the Valley of Uncertainty. The Four Fallacies Chapter has to do with how I changed the way I think about and talk about myself – to me. A […]

3 Ways to Own Your Future

3 Ways to Own your Future - Ownshift Coaching - Mike Malatesta

We all want to own our future, but most of us don’t know how to do it. Who knows? says the wanderer. Nobody knows….says the skeptic. You Know! says me. The future you want is whatever you imagine it to be. It’s whatever you want it to be. Deep down, you know what that is. […]

Write a Letter to Yourself

Write a letter to yourself - Ownershift Coaching - Mike Malatesta

Talking to yourself doesn’t always work. At least it doesn’t always work for me. If you’re like me – and even if you’re not – you usually have a sense about things going wrong in your business before you’re willing to full out admit it. Like when you’ve got the wrong person in the wrong […]

Reverse Burnout – I Stopped Grinding and Adopted Systems

Reverse Burnout - I stopped grinding and adopted systems

My business didn’t create the grind. My clients and team members didn’t either. It was me. I did it by designing my life to be a grind. Simple as that. When we were a startup, I craved grind and I loved it. It was how I kept my finger on the pulse. It’s what was […]

Top 5 Things I Learned Writing My Book, Owner Shift

Top 5 Things I Learned Writing My Book, Owner Shift

I thought that I could write a great book all by myself. That’s the same thinking that I’ve used to not do a lot of things in my life. For more than 10 years, I played around with the idea. I wrote some stuff here and there but never connected anything into something that could […]

13 Things This Entrepreneur Doesn’t Do

13 Things this entrepreneur doesn't do - Owner Shift - Mike Malatesta

I’m going to tell how I protect my mindset with my list of the “13 Things This Entrepreneur Doesn’t Do.” That title was inspired by a woman named Amy Morin, who writes books with “13 Things” in the title. As an example, one of her books is “13 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do”. I […]

This Started When I Was a Little Kid

This Started When I Was a Little Kid - Owner Shift - Mike Malatesta

I fell in love with trucks when I was 4 years old. My Dad was a truck driver and we lived across the street from a construction company. On some afternoons in the summer, I would sit on the curb in front of my parent’s house, watching the guys return to the yard in their […]