Mike’s Home Page

Thanks for checking out my website and welcome to the Home Page.  I’m grateful you’re here and welcome your positive and constructive ideas and thoughts.

Why Am I Doing This?  The Number 1 reason is that I’m curious about people and why things happen.  I’m also intrigued by the idea of more publicly sharing my thoughts, and feelings, on the things and people that I’m interested in and curious about. For most of my life, I’ve been a very private person. There’s a lot that goes into why I developed, and preserved, that tendency, which I explore in my blogs and podcasts. If I’m lucky, I will make some contribution to the increased success of as many people (and in particular entrepreneurs) and organizations as possible.

What I’m Hoping to Accomplish?  My goal with both the blog and the podcast is to share insights and experiences (my own and those of some of the best people I’ve been lucky enough to meet) on the best and most impacting ideas I’ve come across for improving as a leader and positively affecting the organizations and the people around me. I don’t intend to preach, or to tell you my way (or one way) is better than another. Rather, my goal is to expose you to new thoughts, new people and new ideas that resonate with you enough for you to read / listen and consider.  There’s going to be some great stuff coming your way, so please do something useful with it.

On the Investing Page, I’m just sharing what I’m putting my money into. I believe that one of the most beneficial things I can do is to invest in companies that keep people working, create things that make our lives better (longer & happier) and more productive, or solve a problem that’s gone long unsolved.

DisclaimerI am not a registered financial adviser and I am neither recommending or suggesting that my investments are suitable for anyone but me.  It’s probably a good idea for you to consult a professional financial adviser before you make any investment.

Finally, if you like what you see and hear here, please consider subscribing.  If you don’t, feel free to let me know what’s missing for you.  Feel free, as well, to email me about anything at mike@mikemalatesta.com I can’t promise a response, but I will promise to read.

Thanks, Mike