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Sam Schmidt’s Dream is Coming True

Ever since I had Indy Racing team owner – and quadriplegic — Sam Schmidt on my podcast, I’ve been paying more and more attention to scientific breakthroughs that will give people like Sam the ability to walk again.

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Fixing Spinal Cords in Mice — Are Humans Next?

There are millions of paralyzed people. For now, at least. I recently shared the story of Michael Roccati, a paraplegic who’s been able to walk with the assistance of sensors and exoskeleton technology. Today, I’ve got something as or more exciting.

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That’s One Heck of a Cocktail

Like humans, the African clawed frog used in the research does not have the ability to naturally regenerate a limb like some other critters. It was treated with a five-drug cocktail over 24 hours. That brief treatment set in motion an 18-month period of regrowth that restored a functional leg.

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Go on a Media Diet

I prefer good news. Optimistic news. Inspirational news. Positive news. I just can’t find much of that kind of news on TV or on the radio. I think I understand why.

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