Kristen Graham Brown – Good Luck in the Future With That! (436)

Have you ever wondered how the power of branding could transform your business? Tune in to a captivating conversation with Mike’s guest, Kristen Graham Brown, CEO of Hoot Design Company, as she unwraps her journey from ad agency work to entrepreneurship and shifting her focus towards helping small businesses. Kristen shares her experiences and insights, […]

Rick Eigenbrod – What Happens When You Get What You Want? (434)

In this episode, you’ll experience a deep-dive exploration into the aftermath of success in this riveting conversation with clinical psychologist and Vistage International Chair, Rick Eigenbrod. You’ll hear about the hidden challenges and implications of achieving your dreams – what happens when you finally get what you want? Rick’s insightful book, “What Happens When You […]

What Makes You Feel Expensive? (433)

What really defines your worth? Is it the glittering jewels or the expensive labels you don, or is it something more profound and meaningful? In this solo episode, Mike reflects on the insightful lyrics of Andy Grammer’s song “Expensive”, and embarks on a quest to uncover what truly makes us feel ‘expensive’. This thought-provoking journey […]

Guest Appearance on Time to Shine Today w/ Scott Ferguson (432)

This episode features Mike’s recent guest appearance on the Time to Shine Today Podcast with Scott Ferguson. The Time to Shine Today podcast is an award-winning interview-style podcast that helps you build a winning strategy and level up your life! Are you giving enough thought to your business exit strategy? Buckle up for an enlightening […]

Take the Risk to Stand Out (431)

Have you ever felt lost in the crowd? Join Mike as he dissects the ‘zebra effect’, a fascinating survival mechanism that helps keep zebras safe from predators. While this phenomenon is especially important for zebras, as humans it is imperative that we preserve our individuality. Mike explains the subtle art of maintaining distinctiveness while the […]

4 Out of 5 Get it Wrong (429)

Discover the secret to achieving your DreamExit in this episode as Mike shares the blueprint for entrepreneurs seeking to exit their businesses successfully. Mike exposes the harsh reality that 80% of business owners regret not preparing their business or themselves for exit. Listen in as he stresses the importance of early planning, professional advice, and […]

Why It’s OK to be Selfish (427)

Prepare to rethink everything you’ve been taught about selfishness. It’s time to embrace your selfish side, and in doing so, unleash your leadership potential. This episode of the How’d It Happen podcast is a deep-dive into the misunderstood concept of selfishness and its surprising benefits for leaders. Drawing from Mike’s book, “Owner Shift”, Mike debunks […]