The Most Successful People are the Most Available (349)

Have you ever wondered why the people who are proven to be the most successful tend to be more approachable? It is challenging to get the chance to interview people much more when they have so much on their plates. In this episode, I will share with you why I think successful people, who are supposed to be the busiest, are more responsive when asked for an interview for shows like this.

Forbidden Phrases (347)

In this episode, I talk about what I call my “Forbidden Phrases.” Nothing alarming, just some phrases that push my buttons.  They’re redundant. They’re often unclear. And they’re just not necessary.

REM Sleep & Why It’s Important

In a nutshell, REM [aka Rapid Eye Movement] sleep is the stage of sleep where your brain converts short-term memories into long-term memory.

I’m sure you’ve heard about REM sleep [my wife says I move around a lot during mine], but do you know why it’s so important and what it means to you and your health? Read here to get the answers.

Dr. Tarryn MacCarthy – You Can’t Outrun Yourself (346)

Dr. Tarryn MacCarthy

Dr. Tarryn MacCarthy is The Happiness Coach.  As the CEO of Embrace the Lead LLC, she is passionate about empowering business leaders and leaders of their own dreams to strive for inner fulfillment. Tarryn coaches business owners across the globe on self-empowerment, empowering their teams to ambassadors of their dreams, and how to redefine success to find happiness in work and, ultimately, their lives.

Quiet Quitting Isn’t New (345)

Quiet Quitting

In this episode, I talk about Quiet Quitting. We’ve heard a lot about people who are quiet-quitters, especially since the “end” of the Covid pandemic, around the time everyone started going back to their offices.

How Will Digital Twins Make Your Life Better?

Have you met your Digital Twin? Probably not, but you may soon. According to IBM, a digital twin is a virtual representation of an object or a system [and soon people] designed to use real-time data, machine learning, simulation, and reasoning to improve decision making. It’s like a copy that knows more about the original than it knows about itself.

Scott Donnell – Allowance is a Terrible Idea (344)

Scott Donnell is a visionary entrepreneur who has created many leading companies in biotech, fintech, education, and entertainment industries. He is the founder of Apex Leadership Co., a fundraiser for schools; HeroMaker Studios, an NFT Comic Book Company; Hapbee Technologies, a biotech company in mental health; and GravyStack, a financial literacy bank account for kids. With over 600 employees, his companies serve tens of millions of customers annually.