Hasard Lee – The Art of Clear Thinking (382)

As a high performer that may be running a business or calling the shots for a company, you have a lot of decisions to make. It is easy to get overwhelmed and experience decision fatigue, or struggle with indecisiveness, not knowing what is truly the best option. This episode is for you if you want […]

Why Jay Leno Has More Meaning Than Money (381)

In this episode of the How’d It Happen Podcast, Mike shares nine reasons why Jay Leno has more meaning than money. From his humility to his hard work, Jay’s qualities are explored in depth. A lot of wealthy people and celebrities have the opposite where they have more money than meaning, and end up feeling […]

Kevin Gibbon – Priceless Insight on 10X Optimism (380)

Do you want to know what it takes to create something truly magical from absolutely nothing? Building a remarkable business from the ground up requires focusing on being better than what is already out there. But here is the key: you can’t just be slightly better than your competition. You need to go all in […]

The Best Gifts Humans Can Give (379)

Who doesn’t love receiving a gift from another person? It doesn’t have to be an actual physical gift in order to be special. In fact, the best gifts humans can give cannot be bought. In this solo episode, Mike talks about the best gifts humans can give one another.  He was inspired to do this […]

David Lindsay – Snap, Nap, Tap, Clap, Recap! (378)

You might be thinking what do all these rhyming words mean together? Snap, nap, tap, clap, recap is a powerful 5-step system for improved vitality created by successful well-being expert David Lindsay. Each step serves an important purpose in building a strong mind and body and being present and resilient no matter what life throws […]

4 Qualities of a Leader (377)

Leaders have a great deal of responsibility not only in just leading, instructing, and delegating, but also in setting the tone for their team and being an example for those that they are leading. Whether you’re leading a company, coaching a team, or even leading your family, there are 4 very important qualities of effective […]

Simon Severino – How to Live an Agile Life (376)

What exactly does it mean to live an “agile life?” Let’s start with the definition of “agile” which means “marked by ready ability to move with quick easy grace.” That sounds like something that all entrepreneurs strive to be. We want to be agile in the way that we can move quickly to meet our […]

10 Cool Things About You (375)

We all have cool things about ourselves, but how often do you take the time to list out the cool things about yourself? Chances are, it’s probably not very often, but after listening to a podcast with Dean Graziosi, Mike felt inspired to reflect on the cool things about himself. In Dean’s podcast episode, he […]

Ted Bradshaw – The 6 Life Essentials (374)

In the entrepreneur and personal development space, we often hear people talk about the importance of finding your true purpose and making sure your life is aligned with that. This has become such an important topic because for most of us, this is not something we learned about in school. Now that we have social […]

My 12.5 Rules of Life (373)

Today’s solo episode of the How’d It Happen podcast was inspired by Jordan Peterson and his book, titled “12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos.” After reading this book, Mike felt drawn to create his own rules of life, and in this episode, he breaks down his 12.5 rules of life. Those rules are:  […]