10 Ways to be Successful During Scary Times

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As Leaders, it’s our job to be helpful to others, particularly when things are scary, confusing and unknown, as they are today, amidst the Coronavirus pandemic. Whenever I face challenges that I’m unsure about, I always turn first to Dan Sullivan, the Founder of The Strategic Coach Program, because I’ve found that he always delivers something of value that helps improve my thinking and response to whatever the issue might be. 

And so, as part of my process for improving my understanding of, and thinking about, the impact of this COVID-19 virus on me as a Leader, and on the people who count on me, I turned to Dan once again and found “The Scary Times Success Manual,” which he wrote in response to the massive fear that the tragedy of 9/11 produced. In the manual, Dan outlined 10 points to be successful in scary times. You’ll get to understand the 10 points on how you can focus your company to deliver value and improve thinking and response during these scary times of the Coronavirus pandemic.

In my most recent .5 podcast, I share my thoughts about the unique and challenging times we are currently facing due to the coronavirus pandemic and go into greater detail on these 10 ways to be successful in scary times.

This is not just a business problem, it’s a global, human-being problem, the likes of which none of us has ever seen or dealt with before.  In other words, there isn’t a great playbook out there for us to follow, but there will certainly be great lessons to learn. 

I believe these are 10 ways to be successful during this Coronavirus, and I’ve shared the ten ways because it seemed to me that he nailed it in a better way than I could have.  Here they are (and you can read more about each in the attachment or in the hyperlink above):

1.) Forget About Yourself; Focus on Others

2.) Forget About Your Commodity; Focus on Your Relationships

3.) Forget About the Sale; Focus on Creating Value

4.) Forget About Your Losses; Focus on Your Opportunities

5.) Forget About Your Difficulties; Focus on Your Progress

6.) Forget About the “Future”; Focus on Today

7.) Forget ABout Who You Were; Focus on Who You Can Be

8.) Forget About Events; Focus on Your Responses

9.) Forget About What’s Missing; Focus on What’s Available

10.) Forget About Your Complaints; Focus on Your Gratitude

It is my hope that you find value in his thinking as well and that it positively impacts you as a Leader, especially in a time like this, when being the Leader – leading through largely uncharted waters – can be a lonely and confusing place to be. 

If you like this manual and want more insight from Dan Sullivan, you can listen to his episode on Success during Scary Times on his Inside Strategic Coach Podcast here.

Additionally you can check out Dan’s Strategic Coach program here.

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