Crowdsourcing a Climate Change Solution

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Hurricanes, forest fires, rising temperatures, and the ultimate destruction of the world. We are bombarded by stories about how we may soon be doomed as a species because of this thing called Climate Change.

However you may feel about it personally, there seems to be consensus around the idea that removing man-made carbon from our atmosphere would be a good thing. Electric cars, carbon taxes, and giant [and expensive] changes to the way we presently live are some of the options begin considered.

Here’s another one. Removing carbon from the atmosphere.

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The XPRIZE and Elon Musk have partnered to offer a $100M crowdsourced carbon removal prize. Over the next 4 years, teams from around the globe will compete for the prize. To win the grand prize, teams need to demonstrate a working solution at a scale of at least 1,000 tons removed per year, model their costs at a scale of 1 million tons per year, and show a pathway to achieving a scale of more than a gigaton [1 billion tons] per year in the future.  

Mike Malatesta

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