Disarming Grudges with Guns N’ Roses

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There is NO Power in Holding Grudges – I was just out of college when I remember hearing Guns N’ Roses for the first time and seeing the MTV video for their hit song, ‘Welcome to the Jungle.’ At the time, they were the most amazing band I’d ever heard or seen. And today, 30+ years later, they still are.

But between then and now, there was a LONG dark period. A period where the band fell into a dark and deep valley of bickering, back-stabbing, ego-heightening, and grudge-making. During that period, their friendships disappeared, along with their music (except for the dreadful Chinese Democracy album).

A few years ago, they got back together. Why? The cynic might say it was for the money, and that’s surely part of it. But I think that it was for the ENERGY. Together, they produce energy that fuels their creativity and delivers them happiness. Apart, arguing and holding grudges, zaps their energy and creativity. Together the band is much more than any of the members can be individually.

Slash explains here about how they ditched the drama, put away the grudges, grew up and got back to being great.

Mike Malatesta

Mike Malatesta

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