From Getting Fired to $45M Turnover

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From Getting Fired to $45M Turnover Mike Malatesta Owner Shift Coaching

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“Mike Malatesta is a successful entrepreneur and business executive. Mike loves supporting and helping entrepreneurs bring their dreams to fruition, break through barriers, and achieve massive success. He has lived in their shoes since he was 26, and has been through – and still is on – the roller coaster they are. He has experienced the excitement, pain, grit, and mistakes that come with every entrepreneurial journey.

Mike has helped start, grow, and sell two amazingly successful waste management companies. One sold for mid-8 figures and the other sold for low-9 figures.

Mike founded, built, and sold Advanced Waste Services (AWS), one of the largest environmental services companies in the Upper Midwest, USA.

In 2015, Mike sold AWS to a publicly traded company called Covanta Energy. His team had grown to about 150 people, they were doing about $45 million in sales, made money, and had a great reputation in the marketplace. Selling the business was not easy, but it was the right thing for him, his family, and the AWS team.

His goal now is to create new opportunities, relationships, and success stories as a result of doing the things he most wants to do while avoiding the things he does not most want to do.”

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Would you like 1 on 1 help with your entrepreneurial journey?

My purpose is to inspire and activate increasing greatness in entrepreneurs and leaders. My goal is to make a positive and profitable difference with every client I work with. I help clients apply the lessons I’ve been fortunate to learn in my 30 years as an entrepreneur to help them excel and create amazing lives, companies, teams, and futures.

Learn more about Owner Shift Coaching, where I help entrepreneurs, like you, get unstuck, take back your power, and claim the future you want.

Mike Malatesta

Mike Malatesta

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