Gridiron Revolution: Meet the Digital Athlete

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In a previous post (January 2023)I delved into the fascinating concept of digital twins and their remarkable applications in various industries and medicine. Now, let me bring you a story I stumbled upon about the NFL‘s latest creation: Meet the Digital Athlete. Brace yourself for this AI-powered wonder!

Armed with AI and a multitude of sensors embedded in helmets, mouth guards [the NFL should seriously enforce mouth guard usage, IMO], and shoulder pads, this digital marvel collects real-world data and churns out mind-boggling insights. It’s like a playground where an infinite number of scenarios can be tested to gauge the effectiveness of equipment changes, proposed rule modifications, and even those mysterious “practice practices.” Who knows what else they’ll uncover?

While football has come a long way in terms of safety, it’s not quite in the realm of ultimate security at the pro level.  But fear not, the digital athlete is here to save the day! With their proliferation across all sports, we’re poised to witness unprecedented levels of safety.

Let’s make the gridiron a sanctuary of both skill and security, where concussions are a distant memory. Game on!

Mike Malatesta

Mike Malatesta

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