How Do You Talk to You?

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How Do You Talk to You - Ownershift Coaching - Mike Malatesta

Part 4 of my new book, Owner Shift is called Breakthroughs and it’s about the specific changes and choices that I made when I was stuck in the Valley of Uncertainty.

The Four Fallacies Chapter has to do with how I changed the way I think about and talk about myself – to me. A blog from the great coach and teacher, Marshall Goldsmith reinforced how important – and impactful – the way you choose to talk to yourself can be.

Too many of us ask ourselves the wrong question when it comes to pursuing new goals and opportunities, he says. We ask, “who am I to….? (like you’re not worthy) instead of “did I do my best to…? (like you are worthy if you’ll do the work).

“A shift in your identity doesn’t make you a phony,” he says. That’s right, the shift just shows that you’re growing!


My purpose is to inspire and activate increasing greatness in entrepreneurs and leaders. My goal is to make a positive and profitable difference with every client I work with. I help clients apply the lessons I’ve been fortunate to learn in my 30 years as an entrepreneur to help them excel and create amazing lives, companies, teams, and futures.

Learn more about Ownershift Coaching, where I help entrepreneurs, like you, get unstuck, take back your power, and claim the future you want.

Mike Malatesta

Mike Malatesta

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