Leadership Habit 2 – Be Real

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Leadership Habit No.2 - Be Real - Owner Shift Coaching

I believe leadership habit no.2 is to Be Real. I’m about the furthest anyone can be from a small talker, a rah-raher or a ‘tell it like I see it – no matter what’ kind of Leader. I’m no good at the first two and don’t feel the need to be.  And I’ve never found much value, or appreciation, for the “Leaders” who value their own “unfiltered-ness.” 

My belief system goes something like this.  I care about the people I work with, and I am willing and able to empathize with and strive to understand what makes them who they are.  I’ll remember most, but not all, of what I learn about them and I will care about what’s going on in their lives, particularly as it relates to how it affects their performance at work.  I won’t BS them with some fabricated ‘authenticity’ or other ‘connection’ tactics that waste their time, and mine.  I won’t embarrass or marginalize them with my “brilliant” and unfiltered ‘say what’s on my mind’ BS.  That just never felt right to me.  

I’m not the most mature person in the world, but I’m mature and self-aware enough to get that what’s important isn’t how quickly I can respond, but instead how thoughtfully I can.  I can hate your idea and I can be pissed off about what just happened or what you just said.   But as the Leader, I’m already in charge, so do I really need to drive that already-known point home to make you feel like I just sh*t on you?  I never thought so.  Sometimes the low-hanging fruit is best kept on the vine.  

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For me, being a good – or maybe even a great – Leader doesn’t just come down to having an understanding about what good Leadership takes.

It also comes down to the execution of what it takes.  To the doing of what it takes. To the habits of what it takes.  Read all my 10 leadership habits here.

I love supporting and helping entrepreneurs bring their dreams to fruition, break through barriers, and achieve massive success.

As an entrepreneur myself, I’ve helped found, grow, and sell 2 waste treatment, recycling, and disposal companies. These companies collectively generated more than $500M in revenue while I was involved and sold for more than $180M.

I’ve lived in entrepreneurial shoes like yours since I was 26. For 30 years I’ve been through – and am still on – the roller coaster you’re on. I’ve experienced the excitement, pain, grit, and mistakes that come with every entrepreneurial journey.

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And if you want my professional help as your coach, contact me here. I’ve mastered what it takes to start, build, grow, and sell a business. When I work with clients through my OwnerShift coaching, I help entrepreneurs and business owners get unstuck and start living the life they want.

My purpose is to inspire and activate increasing greatness in entrepreneurs and leaders. My goal is to make a positive and profitable difference with every client I work with. I help clients apply the lessons I’ve been fortunate to learn in my 30 years as an entrepreneur to help them excel and create amazing lives, companies, teams, and futures.

I don’t do this work to make a living.
I do it to make a difference.

I’m very selective about my OwnerShift coaching relationships. I ONLY work with these kinds of clients:

  1. Entrepreneurs and CEOs of profitable, privately held companies leading companies with revenues between $10M and $250M.
  2. Leaders who are committed to moving beyond where they are professionally and personally AND have the autonomy to make the decisions and take the actions necessary to do so.
  3. People who value making significant investments in themselves
  4. Kind people.

OwnerShift is an exclusive and customized one on one coaching program for high-performing entrepreneurs and CEOs. It’s designed to guide them to the bigger and brighter personal and professional future they want to own and make their property.

In the OwnerShift program, my client is the Hero, and I am their Guide. I will never have all the answers, but I will always ask the right questions.

My mission is to help every client identify, sharpen, and leverage the tools in themselves, and those in their companies, to make significant progress toward their most important life goals.

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Mike Malatesta

Mike Malatesta

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