My Entrepreneurial Seed at 4 Years Old

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My Entrepreneurial Seed at 4 Years Old - Owner Shift - Mike Malatesta

I like to think that an entrepreneurial seed was planted in me on this curb in front of my parent’s house when I was 4 years old. We lived on the right and my grandparents lived on the left.

Across the street was a construction company. In the afternoon’s, I’d sit on this curb and watch the guys bring their big trucks and equipment back to the yard.

I loved everything about it. The diesel exhaust, the noise, the dust, and the drivers. All were very cool to me.

That seed stayed dormant in me for the next 22 years while my life happened. After college, I got a job with a big company and thought that maybe I could be the CEO one day.

But instead of that happening, I got fired instead.

And then a farmer that I barely knew came along and gave me the belief and the nurturing that I needed to germinate that long dormant seed…….and my career as an entrepreneur began.

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Mike Malatesta

Mike Malatesta

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