No Such Thing as a Good or Bad Story

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No Such Thing As a Good or Bad Story - Ownshift Coaching - Mike Malatesta

There’s no such thing as a good or bad story.
Stories just are.
They’re things; products of choices.
Some I like talking about openly—they’re safe.
Others I only talk about with myself.
Because I don’t like the way they sound, especially out loud, processed through others’ ears.
But we decide what our stories mean.
We can change what we decide our stories are.
Or stick with them forever as we first imagined them.
There’s a chance for danger and uneasiness no matter how we choose.
But there’s an equal chance of opportunity and progress.
I got stuck in stories that I should have erased.
My psyche might be better off if they’d never happened or couldn’t be Googled.
But they’re all I have.
My property.
Erasing them doesn’t mean they’d be forgotten.
You can’t undo what’s been done.
Erasing is more about creating space.
Making room for new parts of your story to be added.
Similar to creating a new habit.
Your new habit replaces one that no longer serves you.
You don’t forget your old behaviors.
You just don’t use them anymore—not in the same way.
You make different choices based on new information and goals.
The result of making my world a bigger place with more space was a new frontier.
I had the freedom to write my story with a new mindset and a fresh approach.

It took a long time for me to get that. To SHIFT my thinking about stories.

I’d been holding on to “bad” stories. One that I didn’t want to tell and wished couldn’t be Googled.

I finally realized that Stories aren’t good or bad – that Stories just are.

They are things, and they mean what we want them to mean.

Stories are lessons, not life sentences.

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