Nuts — The Anti-Aging Super Food?

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I wasn’t a nut fan for most of my life. Sometimes, I’d grab some peanuts or cashews in those shared bowls you might see on a bar [which seems gross now], but outside of that, not so much. I wasn’t anti-nut, but there always seemed to be something I’d rather have, like pretzels or crackers.

Four years ago, I had a full-body MRI that measured my visceral fat [aka my ‘inside’ fat], and the results weren’t great. My doc suggested nuts. Specific nuts. Plain Nuts. Nuts not roasted in oil.

Not going to lie, I resisted at first, but slowly, day by day, I gave in and started to experiment and enjoy nuts [lightly salted almonds are my current favorite]. And that may have paid off.

New research shows that nuts are becoming more widely known and studied as a superfood that can also improve mental & cellular health AND make you look younger too.

Mike Malatesta

Mike Malatesta

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