Reverse Burnout – I Stopped Grinding and Adopted Systems

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Reverse Burnout - I stopped grinding and adopted systems

My business didn’t create the grind.

My clients and team members didn’t either.

It was me.

I did it by designing my life to be a grind.

Simple as that.

When we were a startup, I craved grind and I loved it.

It was how I kept my finger on the pulse.

It’s what was needed.

Ten years later, I still craved grind, but now, I hated it.

It’s not what was needed.

Systems weren’t new to me; I’d always have them.

My problem was I’d create systems that required grind.

A lot of entrepreneurs do that.

The grind was me getting what I’d ask for, the way my systems designed it to happen.

So my resistance to systems started melting away.

Osmosis was one of my old systems.

I believed in it, but it never worked.

I expected people to look at what I was doing, sense what I was thinking, and just do it.

Relying on osmosis was a grind producer.

My system frustrated me and confused them.

That was dumb.

Every entrepreneur grinds.

It’s part of the game and unavoidable.

Do too much grinding, though, and you eventually break or end up deep in uncertainty.

Questioning whether it’s still worth it or whether you can hack it.

When I understood what I’ve done, it gave me the strength to know that I could change things.

To reverse the course by modifying my systems.

It was the choice I had to make.

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