Top 5 Things I Learned Writing My Book, Owner Shift

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Top 5 Things I Learned Writing My Book, Owner Shift

I thought that I could write a great book all by myself. That’s the same thinking that I’ve used to not do a lot of things in my life. For more than 10 years, I played around with the idea. I wrote some stuff here and there but never connected anything into something that could become a book. Not even close. Now that I have completed my first book (and hopefully some think it’s great), I know better why I dragged my feet for so long. I’ve learned a lot and wanted to share my top 5 things I’ve learned writing my book, Owner Shift. (Top rating on Amazon, read here). Maybe they will help you write your book.

  1. You need a Road Map. There is a formula to writing a book and I had no formula until I hired Scribe Media. I was stuck because I didn’t know where to start. I invested $12K in the formula and it was worth it.
  2. You need Consistency. For a year, I wrote almost every day. In the same spot and at the same time. Not for long and without pressure. Usually, it was less than an hour and between 250 to 1000 words. Manageable.
  3. You’ll probably Change Course. The book that I started writing was not the book that I ended up writing. It just didn’t come together the way that I initially thought it would. As it evolved, I evolved.
  4. You need to Go Deep. The advice I got over and over again from my editors and the rest of the Scribe community was that I needed to go deeper with my stories. I needed to include things that weren’t fun to include. Things that didn’t make me feel good – and maybe even scared me – but made the story much better.
  5. You need a Team. Writing the book might be the hardest part of the process, but it’s just one part. There are so many decisions I never thought about needing to make. Title, subtitle, pricing, marketing and the list goes on. Maybe some people can manage all of these things on their own, but not me. I needed a team. A good one!

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My book is a raw examination of my entrepreneurial journey, filled with stories. My book is titled Owner Shift.

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Rating: 5 out of 5.

From The Gut – Bill Christel.

Reviewed in the United States on December 3, 2021 Verified Purchase

I’m fortunate to have absorbed Mike’s delivery style for many years now. And for all that I’ve learned through peer proximity, namely in his devotion to “helping” me , his goal to publish this book, going 16 years back at least, delivers the message that I think only time and deep reflection could have enabled him to publish. Mike is a true champion for entrepreneurs, and at his best with those that have taken defining blows in their pursuit of professional meaning and happiness. For personal inspiration, for highly accountable leaders, and for team members in a culture that truly never quits, Owner Shift represents straight ticket realism. Mike’s fascinating story continues, and I just know there’s a lot more sharing of such to come.

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