When I Sold My Second Startup

Two months ago, I sold my second startup to a great new company.

It was a very solid outcome for me and many others who’d helped support us.

Yesterday, I was telling my friends that I was feeling both Free and Lost about the sale.

Free, because selling the business added to the freedom I’m always searching for. The kind of freedom that gives me options, rather than obligations.

Lost, because I feel like I should know exactly what I’m going to do next – and I don’t.

I also feel a bit disconnected. Like I’ve been kicked out of a club that I helped create. That was compounded when my boxes of stuff from the office were dropped off in my garage by my friend, Will.

You’re definitely out of the club when your stuff is boxed up and shipped away, right?

It makes you wonder, Who Am I Now?

No worries, I’ll be fine. I know it’s OK not to know. I’ll figure out what’s next. It’s just my next OWNER SHIFT moment!

Until then, I’ll get rid of what I no longer need and cherish what I keep.

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