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Write a letter to yourself - Ownershift Coaching - Mike Malatesta

Talking to yourself doesn’t always work. At least it doesn’t always work for me.

If you’re like me – and even if you’re not – you usually have a sense about things going wrong in your business before you’re willing to full out admit it.

Like when you’ve got the wrong person in the wrong seat on your leadership team.

You know it, you talk to yourself about it……and then you do nothing. Hoping the situation, or the person, will miraculously change or improve. Hoping that the situation will fix itself basically. And, of course, it doesn’t.

Try this.

Write yourself a letter about the situation. Tell yourself what you’re feeling and why. Explore the possibilities, and their likelihood of success.

Finish the letter with a promise to yourself to take action. Today or as soon as possible. To make the specific change that needs to be made.

Sign it and do it.

It’s much harder to ignore what you’ve written about than it is what you’ve simply thought about.

PS: Thank yourself for the clarity and the inspiration to do your job!


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Mike Malatesta

Mike Malatesta

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