10 Cool Things About You (375)

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We all have cool things about ourselves, but how often do you take the time to list out the cool things about yourself? Chances are, it’s probably not very often, but after listening to a podcast with Dean Graziosi, Mike felt inspired to reflect on the cool things about himself. In Dean’s podcast episode, he talked about an exercise he called “10 Cool Things About Me” and listed them. It is easy to forget what’s cool about you because you might be focused on everything wrong with you, or wrong in your life or business. Mike encourages you to go in the opposite direction and take the time to sit down and list 10 (or more) cool things about yourself. We all have them!

In this solo episode, Mike reflects on the 10 cool things about himself and what he is proud of. This is a fun and insightful exercise because it allows us to see the positives in ourselves when things may not be feeling very positive around us. We all have unique traits, talents, and things that are important to us, which makes us all special and very cool. You might be thinking that it feels like you’re bragging or being self-centered to focus on what is great about you, but we all deserve to celebrate ourselves and appreciate the cool things about us. So what are 10 cool things about you? Write them down, and send us a message on Instagram @malatesta.mike and we’d love to hear about the greatness in you.

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Episode transcript below:

Mike Malatesta  00:00

On today’s episode, I’m doing a solo and I am talking about 10 cool things about you. Well, actually, I’m talking about 10 cool things about me. But I’m going to encourage you as a, as a byproduct of that exploration to discover 10 or 10 and a half cool things about you. Thanks for listening, and I Hey, everybody, it’s Mike, and welcome back to this solo episode of the HOW’D IT HAPPEN podcast. So glad to have you here today. And today, I am going to talk about 10 cool things about you. So back in July, I’m not sure if it was this July or the July before that. I was walking to the mailbox with my dog Riley. She’s a golden retriever, and the Golden Retriever fans out there. Really good dog and really good Walker, but it’s about a mile round trip from my house to the mailbox, which is on the street. And almost every morning, I walk there with her and then we go further through a neighborhood. And during that time, I listen to podcasts, or I listen to YouTube videos, or I go over speech or I take notes or think about something or I just walked in listen, and she’s just always there right beside me. And this day, I was listening to a podcast with a guy named Dean Graziosi. And Dean was talking about an exercise that he did. And it was basically an exercise that he he called, you know, 10 cool things about him. And I can’t remember if it was his daughter that sort of influenced this with him. But But regardless, it was like he was saying, you know, there’s cool things about everybody. And it’s really easy to forget about what’s cool about you, because you’re focused on maybe everything that’s wrong with you, maybe everything that’s going wrong in your life, or your business or, or whatever. And it caught my attention because I was like, ah, that’s something I should do. So I, it wasn’t something I have ever thought to do, I guess. So I got my phone out. And I texted myself a message 10 cool things about me. And as I mentioned, this was in July, and then you know that time I got home I was I was excited about doing it. But I didn’t do it. I didn’t do anything I wrote in my notebook. 10 cool things about me. And then I left the page blank. And I just went on to other things. And it wasn’t until later in August, I was sitting on the porch, outside of our kitchen, watching the water with with my wife, it was like, August afternoon was a nice day and my neighbors to the right where they were having some people over. So they were playing games in their yard. And they were drinking beer. And for some reason this tranquil thinking just popped into my head. And I said to Jamie, I say, you know, I, I listened to this Dean Graziosi back in July, and I wrote this down, and I haven’t done anything about it. Would you be willing to help me? And she said no. And I said, What do you mean? No? Why? Why won’t why won’t You help me? She said, Well, these are supposed to be 10 cool things about you. You’re what you think are 10 cool things about you not my 10 not what I think are 10 cool things about you. Yeah, she had a point. So I, I pleaded a little bit. You know, I was like, Okay, you’re right, but I just really need some help, you know, getting this thing off the ground because I was sort of struggling with Well, coming up with it. And you know, doing it in a way that I didn’t like it sort of felt like bragging on yourself. And I think that was kind of the thing that was holding me back. So I was like, I just need to get started. Can you please help me? And she said, Okay, if you come up with one, I’ll help you after that. And I said, Okay, great. So one cool thing about me is that I’m boil, and she said that sounds like a question. I said dammit, you’re right. Well, let me try it again. So I clear my vote. And I tried it again. One cool thing about me is that I’m loyal. That’s more like it. She said, so here’s another here’s, here’s, here’s her contribution. She said, Okay, you did one, here’s mine. You love trucks. And that was true. And that was cool, right? So we smiled at each other. And I never would have thought of that one. Like I never would have thought of I love trucks as being something I should put down. But it’s actually true. And it’s, you know, at least I think it’s cool. And so anyway, that helped clear the idea jam that I had in my, in my mind. And this is where we ended up with. So I’m going to tell you 10 cool things about me. And then I’m going to encourage you to make a list of 10 cool things about you. So here’s number one, I’m loyal. I’m a good partner. I’m a good friend, and I’m a good leader. I give all to I give my all to every relationship that I commit to there’s a difference between every relationship and every list. I commit to but you can count on me to do right by you and to have your back. So number one, I’m loyal. Number two. Number two, I am curious. I ask questions. I read a lot and I think about things. I like to know what I don’t know and I like to learn even more. Then I like to teach. So I like to learn more than I like to teach. I’m curious. And I think that’s cool about me. Number three, I love trucks. It started when I was four years old, and I lived across the street from a construction company. And that led me to wanting to drive trucks and my dad drove truck. So when I was 16, I started driving trucks and and since then I’ve learned I’ve owned and driven lots of trucks in my businesses. cool fact, my favorite kind of truck is Peterbilt, not just because they look great. And you can be proud driving or owning a Peterbilt right now, I only own one Peterbilt, but that’s going to change over time. So number four, I like to drive behind places. What, what’s cool about that, well, I’ve been in the environmental in the waste business my whole career. And it’s been very good to me and very rewarding. And it all happens in the back happens in the back of the factory back in store back in the apartment building back of whatever, that’s where the waste is. That’s where the dumpsters are, that’s where the oil tanks are. That’s where the grease traps are. That’s where the 55 gallon drums of whatever hanging out. So the polish is always in the front of the place. But for me, the business has always been in the back. And I think that’s something cool about me. Number five, I care I don’t like to do anything half assed, I believe in doing it the best way that I can do it or I won’t do it at all. And to me the little things matter because the little things aggregate up to the big most important things. I also care about people I want everyone that I know. I want everyone that I know to be impacted positively because they know me and to have made the time they spent with me meaningful for them. Number six, I’m not disciplined but habit Linde kind of morphed that together and came up with that word habit Linde, I believe that most people recognize what most people recognize as discipline is the representation of a person’s habits. And I’ve been fortunate, fortunate to have the ability to build habits that support the accomplishment of my goals. My habits are what made me disciplined. Number seven, I’m not cheap, I don’t waste money, usually. But I’m not cheap. I take risks with my money, even when I don’t have all that I need to fund the risk if that were to fail. And that may sound dumb, but I think that’s cool. I tried to be smart about it. And but I will spend on an idea on a person on an education, or on anything else that I think has a good chance to make me and those around me better or more successful. Number eight, this is number eight thing that’s cool about me is I show up, if I’m if I say I’m going to do something, I do it. And I am where I say I will be number nine, I’m polite. So being polite is kind of a signature for me, at least I think it is I say please, and thank you, and you’re welcome. And I’m grateful. You know, those are those are all my calling cards, and everyone deserves that. They may not deserve much more. But everyone deserves like to be polite and to have someone be polite to them. And I do my very best to do that. And I think that’s something that’s cool about me number 10. I love my wife, and I love my life. We’ve been married for 30 years. And we have two great kids who are now young adults, we trust and rely on one another. We don’t tell each other what to do. We just always seem to figure out what’s right for us together. And it works. I think that’s one of the coolest things about me, even though I will admit I am I see a lot of husbands out there who I think are much better at it than I am. I see a lot of partners out there who I think are much better at it than I am. But I guess the proof is in the pudding, we must be doing something right. And I think that’s cool about me. And here’s a bonus, here’s template five. And it is don’t let things that I don’t let things that I can’t control bother me. That’s a hard one. Because it’s so easy to let things that you can’t control bother you and just think about and think about and think about it, think about it, I’m not immune to it, I’m I am not immune to it. I feel it. Sometimes it comes on just like it does for all of you. I just do my very best not to hold on to it to to tell myself that it’s irrational for me to be worried about something that I can’t control. I may not like the outcome of it, but there’s nothing I can do about it. And you know, chances are too, that the outcome won’t be anything like what I am thinking it will be so I let go of things that I cannot control. And I think that’s I think that’s a good idea for for all of us. So that’s it for me. I’m glad I did the exercise. Thank you Dean for talking about it on your podcast. It really helped me and while I was stuck, you know on this not wanting to do it. I didn’t want to come off as a braggart and want to come off to the douche. I didn’t want to come off as you know, just I don’t know, I just didn’t know but now I’m very happy that I did it. And now I’m wondering what are 10 or 10 and a half cool things about you write them down and To celebrate them, and be proud of the things that are cool about you, because the things that are cool about you are the things that attract other people to you the things that attract other opportunities to you. The things that make you who you are the things that people admire, about you. So thanks so much for investing your time with me and your energy for this podcast. I hope you got a return on that investment today. And if you did, please follow my podcast, share my podcasts like my podcast, review my podcast, do whatever you can do to help me get the word out about the podcast. And until next time, I just encourage you to maximize your greatness and make your future your property something you are very proud to welcome everybody. Thanks for listening to the show. And before you go, I just have three requests for you one if you like what I’m doing please consider subscribing or following the podcast on whatever podcast platform you prefer. If you’re really into it, leave me a review write something nice about me Give me five stars or whatever you feel is most appropriate. Number two, I’ve got a book it’s called owner shift how getting selfish got me unstuck. It’s an Amazon bestseller and I’d love for you to read it or listen to it on Audible or wherever else Barnes and Noble Amazon you can get it everywhere if you’re looking for inspiration that will help you unlock your greatness and potential order or download it today so that you can have your very own copy and if you get it please let me know what you think. Number three, my newsletter. I do a newsletter every Thursday and I talk about things that are interesting to me and or I give more information about the podcast and podcast guests that I’ve had and the experiences that I’ve had with them. You can sign up for the podcast today at my website, which is my name Mike You do that right now put in your email address and you’ll get the very next issue. The newsletter is short, thoughtful and designed to inspire, activate and maximize the greatness in you

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