12 Minute CEO Lessons – I Ignored the Signs – Episode 34.5

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12 Minute CEO Lessons - I Ignored the Signs

In this video episode Aleta Norris explores what went wrong when Mike “Ignored the Signs” during an acquisition, https://youtu.be/TsCe1TQRxws and how it helped him get a systematic process in place to acquire companies, instead of going on instinct and the notion of “We can fix it, we can fix anything.”

Aleta also chats with Mike about a blog titled My “S” Man was a Spy – My “S” Man Blindside, in which Mike’s employee, that became his close friend, and helped deliver incredible growth and results for the company, had been conspiring with the competition. Mike learned a lot about himself and has some advice for entrepreneurs that have an “S” man in their company.

Mike believes you will, at some point, have an “S” man happen to you, and that it likely won’t be your last. There is a lot you can learn from this experience, it’s a good lesson worth listening to.

As a leadership expert and co-founder of Living as a Leader, Aleta Norris is brilliant as digging deep into CEO minds, to extract valuable lessons from experiences. She asks Mike some terrific questions to quickly identify lessons to help us become more successful leaders.

Read the blog posts mentioned in this video where Mike talks about the signs he ignored in making company acquisitions and the “S’ man who was a spy.

I Want This Deal Too Badly - Mike Malatesta Blog

Mike’s Blog Post – I Ignored the Signs – I want this deal too badly

Mike Blog Post – My “S” Man Was a Spy – My “S” Man Blindside

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