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Discover the secret to achieving your DreamExit in this episode as Mike shares the blueprint for entrepreneurs seeking to exit their businesses successfully. Mike exposes the harsh reality that 80% of business owners regret not preparing their business or themselves for exit. Listen in as he stresses the importance of early planning, professional advice, and proven strategies to get your business ready for sale at maximum value and to ensure you find meaning and purpose in your post-exit life.

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Episode transcript below:

0:00:00 – Mike Malatesta:
This episode is sponsored by the DreamExit. The DreamExit is a private bespoke program for successful entrepreneurs with annual revenue between $5 million and $100 million who realize that they have one chance to get their DreamExit right and that the odds of realizing that dream by themselves, all alone or at the last minute are stacked against them. In less than 90 days, we teach you how to design, build and execute a customized DreamExit playbook that gets your business ready for sale at its maximum value and gets you ready to maximize your meaning and purpose in your post-exit life, even if today you are not ready to sell. You see, dreamexits just don’t happen. They are the result of early, professional and proven planning. So if you’re an entrepreneur with annual sales between $5 million and $100 million and you want to learn how to 10x to 100x your chances of achieving the DreamExit you deserve, go to dreamexitplaybookcom today.

Hey everybody, welcome back to the how to Happen podcast, to this free Thinking Friday episode, this solo episode. I’ve been thinking a lot, as you know, about how I can best help entrepreneurs, and I’ve been helping entrepreneurs with advice, with investment, with support, with mentorship, really in any way that I can, for a long time. But now I’m stepping up my game and I am 100% focused on helping entrepreneurs get what I call the DreamExit they deserve, and you’ve heard me talk about this a couple of times in past episodes. I just feel like there is a very large gap, a chasm maybe, between what most entrepreneurs end up deserving for all the hard work that they’ve done and all the value that they’ve created with their businesses and their ideas, and what it actually ends up looking like at the end when they decide, or when they choose to sell their business. And so this episode is really for you. If you are an entrepreneur, I’m talking directly to you, and if you’re not, maybe you know someone who is in your world who is an entrepreneur, who you want to help get ready, get prepared and achieve the DreamExit that they deserve, because that would be a real gift if you would help them with that, because most are not going to help themselves with it, as you will soon find out.

So here we go. Here’s a stat four out of five owners, four out of five who’ve sold their businesses, wish they could get a do over. That’s crazy. You want to know the number one reason they feel this way. I’ll tell you it’s because they didn’t get their business or themselves exit ready much earlier and well before they decided to sell and, as a result, they got an exit. I mean, they sold, they were able to sell their business, but they didn’t get a DreamExit.

And you clearly don’t want to be one of the 80%, one of the four out of five, who sell your business and then have seller regret. But the truth is you’re probably on the same road those owners were on, unless you choose to take action now, even if, and especially if, you’re not ready to sell your business right now. I mean, look, you are already a proven success, you’ve got a great business. You know what you’re doing when it comes to running your business and leading your team. In fact, you’re so good at it that you probably spend all your time and all of your focus doing just that, because, let’s face it, doing it takes 100% of your focus and time. That’s just the reality of the entrepreneurial world you live in. But here’s the problem with that reality it doesn’t help you get the dream exit you deserve. Instead, your dream exit, planning and preparation all the stuff you should be doing almost always takes a backseat to everything else, if it gets a seat at all, and you know what. It doesn’t have to be that way. All you need is an expert advisor on your side, a professional who’s been in your shoes, who’s bought and sold many businesses and who knows how to help you create the dream exit playbook that gets you the dream exit you deserve. Bring your own customized dream exit playbook and access to a dream exit expert advisor will accelerate and simplify your journey toward achieving your dream exit, the dream exit you deserve. Look, as a business owner, your number one responsibility, number one is to maximize the long-term value of your business and make sure you will continue to have maximum meaning and purpose in your life, with or without your business. That’s what your dream exit is all about, and it’s easy to get started. You just go to wwwdreamexitexpertcom right now and you can download your free dream exit playbook sneak peek PDF and schedule your free first session with me today by using the QR code on the screen. Look, you don’t want to be one of the 80% the four out of five business owners who have second thoughts or worse regrets about your exit. That’s a club you don’t want to join and you don’t have to. So do what they should have done and what you deserve. Get started and get ready today for the dream exit you deserve.

So I thank you so much for listening today. I hope you got some value from this. If you’re an entrepreneur and this message resonated with you, reach out. I’d love to talk to you and see if I can help you on your journey to the dream exit you deserve. And if you’re not an entrepreneur but you know someone maybe you’re married to an entrepreneur, maybe you’re friends with an entrepreneur, maybe you work for an entrepreneur and you feel like they might be one of the four out of five you feel like they could use some help to get what they deserve the dream exit they deserve. Let them know about this podcast, let them know about me and let’s see if we can help one another. So thank you so much and until next time, maximize the greatness that’s inside of you.

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