Aleta Norris, Co-Founder of Living As A Leader – Episode 7

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Aleta Norris, a Leadership Development Expert and the Co-Founder of Living as a Leader, is on the podcast today. Living as a leader is a Brookfield, Wisconsin based leadership training, coaching and consulting firm, committed to improving employee productivity and fulfillment through more effective leadership.

Aleta (by the way, her name means “winged one”) is a UW Whitewater graduate.  She also earned her Master’s in Administrative Leadership, with an emphasis on Organizational Science from UW Milwaukee, attending at night over a 7 year period while also juggling her marriage, 3 kids and her career.  

Aleta’s started as a sale rep for a check printing company, who just happened to have a great training program.  She caught the training bug and that became her passion.  She “figured it out” and “did it afraid” as she pursued her desire to learn everything she could, with a goal to eventually have her own company.

In this wide ranging conversation, Mike talks with Aleta about her business, personal and leadership experiences.  She shares her gratitude for the mentors in her life and for her Co-Founder, Nancy Lewis, along with the trade offs that have impacted her life and made her who she is today.  Finally, Aleta talks about “what’s next” for her (she’s got an amazing plan).

Spoiler, she’s focused next on Women Who Spark!

It’s a fascinating conversation with an exceptional leader, who’s ALL IN on teaching others how to be better leaders.

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Please enjoy Mike Malatesta and Aleta Norris.


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