Amy Fallucca, The Path of a Superstar Recruiter and HR Consultant – Episode 49

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Amy Falluca is the founder and CEO of Bravent, a human resources consulting and recruiting firm she started in 2017.  Amy graduated with a degree in Human Resources from the Business School at University of Wisconsin – Madison, a school she got into after first being wait listed – a development she did not take lying down, but instead led her to “hound” the admissions director to get her full acceptance.  She started her career as a recruiter for a staffing firm in 2008, just before the great recession and, while recruiting opportunities were sparse, made her mark taking, and fulfilling, the tough placement assignments, which earned her respect and attention.  She later moved to Centare, a custom software development firm, where she earned a spot on the Executive Management team as the firm’s HR leader and became a shareholder as well 

Mike and Amy cover a ton of great stuff in this episode, including how she felt and what she learned from moving 7 times as a kid, how business books became a part of her life at an age when most kids are thinking about other things, why it’s important to be willing to ask for things, the advice she followed from Sheryl Sandberg’s book, “Lean In” and how she plans to scale her business.   

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Please enjoy Amy Fallucca.


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Amy’s photo courtesy of Scott Paulus and the Milwaukee Business Journal.

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