Andrew Barrieau, CEO Twisting the Throttle on 400% Growth – Episode 40

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Andrew Barrieau is the CEO of Felins USA, a sustainable packaging solution manufacturing company headquartered in Milwaukee, WI.  He’s also a long-standing TEC / Vistage International member, a huge Harley Davidson fan and big time Muscular Dystrophy Association supporter.   

Andrew grew up outside of Boston in the town of Gardner, MA.  While in high school, he joined his Dad and brothers to work at the local H&R gun factory and may have stayed there were it not for his soccer coach’s advice that he check out an alternative energy program being taught at a local community college.  

That advice led to Andrew becoming an expert in combustion.  It also led him to Milwaukee (a place he thought he might stay for 2 years – he talks about why he’s stayed) and to a career with Cleaver Brooks one of the largest boiler manufacturers in the world where he employed a “say yes” mentality that led him to many, progressively more responsible roles with the company.   

In 2005, Andrew jumped at an opportunity to co-invest with Monument Capital and become the CEO of Felins, a business that, under his leadership, has grown more than 400%.

Mike and Andrew cover a ton of great stuff in this episode, including how an accident nearly changed his life, how he realized that becoming a businessman was more important than fulfilling his dream of being an Engineer, how he thrives on a concept he calls “Candor with Care” and, finally what’s unique about him. 

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Please enjoy Andrew Barrieau.


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