Andrew Haag, Lighting the Soul of A Company – Episode 22

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Andrew Haag is a partner and Director of Sales with Lube-Tech and Partners, a distributor of petroleum products that was formed in 2016 when three family businesses joined forces. At that time, Andrew was the President of Moore Oil, a company that his father, Scott had purchased decades earlier and grown substantially. He and his father made the decision to merge their company with Lube-Tech and Boyer Petroleum to form the new company.

Andrew spent his summers growing up working at his Dad’s company, often doing the dirtiest jobs. He loved the concept of business but was also passionate about snowboarding. After graduating from Western Michigan University, Andrew began his career with Exxon Mobil, selling industrial lubricants in California. When a seasoned sales person retired from his Dad’s company, Andrew joined Moore Oil, excited about the opportunity to help grow and make his own mark on the business.

Mike and Andrew met each other through the Young President’s Organization, known as YPO. Mike and Andrew take their conversation in many directions, notably touching on the transition challenges related to the Lube-Tech merger, the weight that comes with the President’s position, his GAMBA walk, the benefits of being self-aware and the advantages of a family owned approach.

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