Become Someone That No One Wants to Complain To (351)

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Become Someone That No One Wants to Complain To

Welcome to a short but sweet episode of the How’d It Happen Podcast.

I just wanted to sit down and talk to you guys about protecting your time, focus, and energy. This is going to be a super quick one, so tune in and learn how to protect yourself and your most valuable assets.

I hope you enjoy this episode that was first published earlier last year.

Show notes:

[0:40] Would you mind leaving a review on my Apple podcast?

[3:00] How to protect your time, focus, and energy?

[6:00] How Mike responds to complains

[7:00] The advantages of becoming someone no one wants to complain to

[7:58] Outro

Full transcript below.

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Mike Malatesta  00:04

Hey, everybody, welcome back to the podcast. I am so happy to have you here today as I am with every episode, I am super grateful to have you listening. And one thing I would like to do before I start the episode is to just in addition to saying thank you ask for your support, I could use some additional reviews on Apple podcast or some of the other podcast platforms. I’ve got 8485 now and my goal right now is to get to 100. Why are that? So why are the why are the reviews? Helpful? Well, and I’m very happy that I have 84, by the way, which is more than most but two reasons. One, review of the podcast obviously gives it credibility with people who come across it on the app, or look it up for the first time, you know, the more the better. And of course, five stars is great, but I’m not asking for a five star review, I’m just asking for a review. And second, the my understanding at least is that the algorithms for the podcast app, skewed toward those that have more reviews. So the more reviews that I have, the more likely that the podcast is going to be found. So I appreciate that too. I want to thank everyone who has bought my book owner shift how getting selfish got me unstuck, it’s really been a tremendous to, to get reviews on Amazon from people who’ve read it. But more than that, to get the emails from people who’ve read the book, and said to me, you know, not that it was a great book, but that it impacted them, it made them think differently. It made them want to accomplish more to go bigger, which is course is my is my goal. So if you haven’t read the book yet, or you haven’t picked it up, you can get it on Amazon at owner shift is the name of the book Shi ft how getting selfish, got me unstuck. And if you do pick it up, and you read it and you like it, please shoot me an email or put a review up on Amazon or Barnes and Noble or wherever you like to do that. And I will personally thank you for that. And it would be very helpful for me as well. So let’s get into today’s episode, it’s just me today, we’re just doing a short episode. And it’s about protecting your time, focus, and energy. And one of the best ways to do that is to become someone may do that again run. One of the best ways to do that is to become someone that no one wants to complain to become someone that no one wants to complain to. actually heard Dan Sullivan, say that on on a podcast. And like with a lot of stuff that he says when I heard it, I was like, You know what, that is exactly the type of thinking that I’ve used for the last, oh, at least 678 years since I was in the valley that you can read about in the book, the uncertainty valley to to really protect my time, focus and energy. And I, I wrote a blog post and did a podcast on this, as well. It was called 13 things this entrepreneur does not do. And number six was complain. And number nine was gossip. And what’s what’s occurred to me over the years and Dan sort of reinforced it with that line is that complainer’s need company they need they need people to you know, to to welcome them in and listen to them. And the more that you allow someone into your life to take up space by complaining about something that they either don’t like or they can’t control. It’s it’s it sort of has a I don’t know it’s got kind of an effect on you were you want to be polite to people but at the same time, even if you don’t agree with them, you feel like you know, you need to sort of participate and kind of agree and maybe not agree or maybe fully agree. But without that audience you know, complainer’s will go somewhere else and see complaining and gossiping or it’s sort of the same thing to me because you really don’t get At any benefit, I don’t get any benefit out of gossiping. I mean, sometimes Yeah. Is it nice to know this or that? Yeah, but it really doesn’t impact me one way or the other and gossiping doesn’t increase or decrease my status, it doesn’t increase or decrease who I am because of some story that someone’s telling about someone else. So I’ve become very rigid about protecting my time, energy and focus by not being someone that you can easily complain to. And it kind of I know, in my family, it kind of, I don’t know, makes me a persona non grata sometimes, because, you know, people just people want to complain, I want to complain, sometimes. I mean, I’m not saying that I’m not a person who doesn’t want to complain from time to time. But when people do start complaining to me, I usually go right back at them with something like, Okay, well, you don’t like it, what are you going to do about it, as opposed to, Oh, that’s too bad. I’m sorry, that’s happening for you. Or something along those lines that sort of excuses it and makes it seem like, it really is unfair, you know, whatever they happen to be complaining about. And when I do find myself wanting to complain, and maybe I do actually get a little bit of a complaint out, and I’m like, I don’t want to do that. I don’t want to be that person. Nor do I want the person that I’m talking to be someone that I feel like I have permission to complain to. So my short lesson here is, protect your time, protect your focus, protect your energy, by becoming someone that no one wants to complain, too. And if you can do that, one, you’re going to free up a lot of time, you’re going to free up a lot of energy, you’re going to free up a lot of focus, you are going to be able to do the things that you’re you know focused on and not spend time listening to someone else. And I do put the two together, you know, gossip and complaining because either one of them can be sort of mind suck and time sucks. And just don’t be don’t create that company for the further complainer’s and the gospers. around you. Stay out stay out of that you won’t lose a friend. I can tell you that you won’t lose a family member you won’t lose anything. In fact, you’ll only gain and I’m all about gaining. So thanks for listening, and I will see you on the next episode.

Mike Malatesta

Mike Malatesta

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