Chuck Zamora, Breaking Down the Best Secret in Sales – Episode 21

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Chuck Zamora, President of Zamora International – The Learning Company.  As his company name suggests, Chuck is an internationally known sales expert, having taught thousands of people, all over the world, to improve their sales and leadership skills.  He’s also the author of “Chuck Zamora’s Little Black Book of Quotes.”

Chuck started his career as a teacher after learning about a “teach in Australia” program while he was at San Diego State University.  He spent nearly a decade teaching 4thgrade and, later, teaching teachers before moving to the corporate world as a sales person with Dun and Bradstreet.  He moved up quickly though D&B and when he was offered a position leading the company’s Asia Pacific region, an opportunity that would require him to be away from home 70% of the time, he chose instead to become an entrepreneur and form his own sales training company.  

Mike and Chuck met each other in 2006, after Chuck boldly moved his training business from Australia to the United States.  Mike and Chuck take their conversation in many directions, notably touching on Chuck’s thoughts on the importance of establishing rapport, his views on buzz words, his belief that you only need to be marginally better and how having a Dr. in front of his name would be an advantage.  

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Please enjoy Mike and Chuck Zamora. 


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