Dan Einhorn, What Venture Capitalists Expect From You – Episode 18

Dan Einhorn is a Principal and Founder of Capital Midwest Fund, where he focuses on providing growth capital to early stage technology focused companies.  Dan went to Cornell University, graduating from its School of Hotel Administration, thinking that running country clubs would be a great career – and an opportunity to play a lot of golf.  When that dream ran into the reality of what country club management was really all about, Dan shifted gears and earned his MBA in Finance from the Cox Business School at SMU.

After a successful stint at a hedge fund called UICI, Dan joined his father’s investment banking firm in 2004 and founded Capital Midwest several years later.  In this engaging conversation, Dan talks about the vetting process for companies, technologies and founders that have the most potential; the long and arduous due diligence process, the problem with ego and how he and his team concentrate on winners.

Dan Einhorn is a smart, committed and competitive How’d It Happen Success.  You can tell that Dan loves what he does and has fun doing it. 

Please enjoy Mike and Dan.


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