Dan Steininger, A CEO, Moving Mountains Every Day – Episode 17

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Dan Steininger‘s new book, “Moving Mountains Every Day” contains a collection of the unique experiences and wisdom he’s gained throughout his long and varied career as a lawyer, CEO, Harbor Commissioner, Columnist and Non Profit Leader.  He’s also the grandson of Daniel Hoan, a legendary former Mayor of Milwaukee, who’s legacy continues to live on with the Hoan Bridge, named in his honor.

Long a fan of, and advocate for, the importance of innovation and creativity, Dan has used the lessons he first learned about creativity from Brian Mattimore, author of the book, “99% Inspiration” to challenge his teams, his readers and the scores of entrepreneurs and business leaders he meets and mentors to resist the urge to always jump to a solution and instead make sure to fully understand the problem first by asking questions and getting creative.    

Dan jokes that he’s a “recovering lawyer” but what he is really is a person who’s committed his life to helping others get the best out of theirs.  Ten years ago, Dan founded BizStarts, an organization committed to helping teach entrepreneurs how to start and grow successful businesses.  It’s not a stretch to say that Dan’s work at BizStarts has been a big driver of the recent, dramatic increase in Milwaukee’s start up scene. 

In this wide ranging conversation, Dan talks about his Kodak moment, why always being curious is so important to him, his experience in the Peace Corp and, of course, Moving Mountains Every Day!  He’s a smart, creative businessman and leader and a true How’d It Happen Success. 

Please enjoy Mike and Dan.


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