Dave Mastovich, Marketing Maverick Ignites No BS Approach – Episode 43

Dave Mastovich is the Founder & CEO of MASSolutions, a Pittsburgh Pennsylvania based marketing firm, the host of the widely popular “No BS Marketing” podcast, a highly rated Vistage International speaker, a Professor of Marketing at Indiana University of Pennsylvania, the school from which he earned his undergrad and MBA degrees, and the author of “Get Where You Want to Go.  How to Achieve Personal Growth Through Marketing, Selling and Story Telling’.  

Dave credits his success to a series of 10,000 separate, yet tied together things, the parental drive provided by his “hero’s” and the guidance of 4 key mentors in his life. Before starting his company, Dave began his career in radio and moved into high powered marketing positions with several companies in the healthcare and education space.  

Mike and Dave cover a ton of great stuff in this episode, including how he was shaped by his involvement in sports and music, how coaching has helped him develop as a leader, the challenges and risks he encountered on his way to success and his occasional encounters with his own “arrogance of ignorance.”  While he could have continued on the path to an extremely successful corporate career, Dave instead chose his own path, and created a special team and a special company – despite a rocky and tough start that he talks about candidly.

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