Denise Thomas, CEO Transforming Leaders into Powerful Communicators – Episode 45

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Denise Thomas, is the Founder and CEO of The Effective Communication Coach.  She was recently recognized by the Milwaukee Business Journal as a 2019 Woman of Influence in the Entrepreneur category. Denise graduated from Cardinal Stritch University with a degree in Management before setting off on a career in corporate America where she quickly moved up the ranks at companies like Pepsi, GE Healthcare and Miller Coors.  Throughout her career, Denise noticed that she was a natural gatherer and skilled at creating group alignment.  That experience, along with a life disruption, led her to start her company and become an entrepreneur in 2017. 

Mike and Denise cover a ton of great stuff in this episode, including how she initially took the “ugly route” in life, how she was consumed with raising her two children, why she encourages people to “experience different” and how she’s thrived by being outspoken.  

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Please enjoy Denise Thomas.


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