Dr. J.J. Peterson, Why Your Marketing Needs Customers as the Hero – Episode 72

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Dr.J.J. Peterson is the Chief of Staff at Story Brand, a Nashville TN marketing firm that helps companies clarify their message and grow their business. J.J. has a Masters in the study of story and recently earned his Doctorate in Philosophy with an emphasis on story from Regent University. He’s dedicated his life to making a positive impact on people through story and adopted the mindset that every time an opportunity came to him to tell stories, he would take it.

Raised by parents who loved to play and support their children’s dreams, J.J. has pursued a varied and interesting series of adventures with which he’s been presented. He’s been a reality TV show star, a youth pastor, a professional Improv actor, a college professor and a music video performer. His credits include a Missy Elliot video, a West Wing character and his own reality show called Bad Ass Brothers. In addition, J.J. is constantly challenging himself to try and master new skills which has led him to studying the making of stained glass, submitting a diorama for judging at the Tennessee State Fair, (for which he won a blue ribbon) and his newest challenge, making goat cheese.

Mike and J.J. cover a ton of great stuff in this episode, including the time he spent living in Kenya as a young child, the keys to successful and fun improv shows, the fundamental rules of story, why his Story Brand position is the best job in the world and the screenplay he’s now writing, 20 years after he first had the idea. J.J. is a fascinating and great example of a person with many talents and interests who has explored them all and now found the place he wants to stay put, exert all of his energy and make a difference, one story at a time. Get ready to be amazed and have some fun.

And now here’s J.J. Peterson.

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