Dr. Sujeet Chand, Leadership Tactics from Rockwell Automation CTO – Episode 37

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Dr. Sujeet Chand, is a Senior Vice President and the Chief Technology Officer at Rockwell Automation, the global leader in automation controls.   He also serves on the Board of Directors for Proto Labs, HDS Global and Baird Venture Partners and has his name on no less than 15 patents.  

After earning his Doctor of Philosophy in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the University of Florida – Gainesville, Sujeet began his career working for General Electric where he worked on a team that was pioneering the use of welding robotics for the automotive industry.  From there, he participated in the design and production of technology that would be used in the Space Shuttle program and became an entrepreneur before joining Rockwell and moving up through its various divisions. 

Mike and Sujeet cover a ton of great stuff in this episode, including how mentors have positively impacted his life, his leadership style and how it works in a very large corporation, what’s unique about him and the one thing he most wants to accomplish.  And along the way, he makes some bold predictions and, just for the fun of it, explains in layman’s terms, what an Algorithm is. As you listen, you’ll probably say to yourself, “I’d like to work with that guy”  

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Please enjoy Sujeet Chand.  


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