Episode 100, Humbled and Inspired by These Words of My Podcast Guests

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In this special 100th episode, I reached out to the first 100 guests to share their experience on the How’d It Happen Podcast. I got a great response and just want to share some of those responses with you. I was humbled and inspired. I’m grateful to these successful people, for helping us get to episode 100, and their willingness to share their story and inspire others.

I’m sharing these responses as a solo podcast – I’m here all by myself.

And first, I want to say I get asked all the time, ‘Why do I do the podcast?’ and not in a ‘wow that’s a real waste time kind of way,’ just in a curious like, why do you do the podcast because I’m interested kind of way. I’ve kind of vacillated with my answers over time. But typically, and this is where I am right now, I do the podcast first and foremost for myself. I’m in a very fortunate situation where I don’t need to promote a business on this podcast, I don’t have a coaching business and I don’t have some type of thing that I’m trying to sell. What I’m trying to do is satisfy my own curiosity. That’s number one.

I decided when I started the show that my goal would be to find people with very interesting How’d It Happen stories, success stories, and share those. I figured that would satisfy my curiosity because I always enjoy learning from new people.

But as you’ve heard me talk about before – I’m just terrible, or I feel like I’m not very good at meeting people in networking or social situations. I kind of need a quieter type one-on-one environment to do that.

And so podcasting sort of fit that perfectly. And I thought, well, if I can get people to sit down and share their stories with me, I’m going to learn a lot and maybe other people would be interested. So that was my premise for starting it.

Ultimately, I became more refined with my thinking and determined that the reason I want to share How’d it Happen stories is because I want to influence people who are high achievers, or who want to be high achievers. I want to put stories in front of them that resonate, but also challenge.

I want to make sure that the stories that I’m sharing will inspire people or to move forward or help them overcome an obstacle that they’re facing, or lead them in a direction towards a goal that perhaps they hadn’t thought of before.

And I think that’s what’s so authentic about what we’re doing here is that’s exactly what ends up happening. We’ve been really lucky to have so many great guests come on, share super stories, and I feel like if I’m learning something from the story, sure as heck the people that are listening are learning from the story as well.

So that’s why I got into it. When I knew that the guests would have an impact on me, I figured that they would have an impact on the listeners, on you. What I didn’t expect was that doing the podcast itself would have an impact on the guests. That’s been an unexpected, and tremendous, by product.

And now I’m going to read through several responses from guests and see what you think.

Thanks for helping us get to Episode 100.

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