George Satula, Building Leaders Who Build Companies – Episode 24

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George Satula is a successful home construction entrepreneur, thought leader and Tec/Vistage Chair. George graduated from UW Milwaukee and started his career selling Koss Headphones in Michigan, followed by a short stint at Ross Labs, selling Similac baby formula.

After being married to his wife, Wendy, George returned to Wisconsin and SBI Development Company, a custom home builder, and ultimately built more than 250 custom homes.

After having gritted his way through 3 recessions with his company, George decided to shift gears, become a consultant, get his MBA and ultimately become a TEC/Vistage Chair where he leads groups of Presidents and CEOs to improve their management, creativity and leadership skills. Mike and George met each other when George became the Chair of Tec 7, where Mike’s been a member since 2006.

Mike and George cover a ton of great stuff in this episode as they weave through George’s vast experiences, talking about the challenges he’s overcome, his leadership skills, his desire to continually upgrade his skills and his passion for helping leaders, and their teams, get better.

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Please enjoy Mike and George Satula.


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