Greg Marshall, Chief Story Teller, Sacrificially Adding Value to People – Episode 62

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Greg Marshall is the Chief Storyteller at CI Design, a creative marketing agency that provides strategic planning, brand, app and video creation and more.  He’s an entrepreneur, having merged his creative business with CI Design, a 2 time Emmy winner and the producer of a video series with Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers and attorney David Gruber called It’s Aaron that creates awareness about organizations and people who are changing the world.  Greg graduated from the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee with an English degree.  He also studied at Trinity International University.  In addition to his work at CI Design, Greg is an in demand public speaker and a member of Figureheads, Inc., a family of musicians inspiring kids and teens with award-winning hip-hop music.

While growing up, Greg felt “other” much of the time.  School wasn’t exciting for him and, as a result, he ended up gravitating to things that felt right to him, which led him to pursue hip-hop music as a performer.  That pursuit, and his success led to him joining a community of creative, caring and supportive artists and developing his story telling roots.  Academically, Greg’s early experience in college with a professor that “saw something” in him, ignited his interest and propelled him to excel as a student.  

Mike and Greg cover a ton of great stuff in this episode, including his belief that story is where we find alignment, how to construct a great story, becoming temporarily paralyzed as a young man and later, in his 30’s, suffering severe anxiety related symptoms, the time he ended up living in his car, living through a riot in his neighborhood and what mentors have meant to him.  He’s the first Chief Story Teller Mike’s had on the podcast and you’re in for a treat to learn more about this creative and compelling leader.  

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Please enjoy Greg Marshall.


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