Welcome and What To Expect – Episode 1

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How’d It Happen is an interview-based podcast hosted by me, Mike Malatesta, that explore the stories, the beliefs, the actions, and experiences of my guests, all of whom have achieved a high level of success in their lives. I like to define success as the value a person creates for others in the world.

My guests will include entrepreneurs, business, non-profit leaders, physicians, athletes, adventurers, artists, teachers, and other high performers from all walks of life, all perspectives of life. Basically, anyone that I find interesting will be on this podcast.

As the podcast name suggests, the interviews will definitely dig deep into the “How” our guests made it happen and became successful.

But it won’t just be the “How;” I’m also going to ask them to explore with me the “Who,” the “What,” and the “Whys” that impacted and influenced their lives for better and for worse, their thinking, and ultimately their doing, on the way to getting where they are today.

My curiosity may lead us down paths that they’ve never been down before in an interview, or a conversation like this. I’m going to try to make them comfortable and make them want to go down that rabbit hole.

We’ll talk about their challenges, and their fears, and their failures, as well as their successes, their accomplishments and all the great things that happened to them.

I want to personalize them, I want people to feel like they could be this person, like this person could be their friend. I want to make sure that they help us understand what their unique success trajectory looked like.

And finally, we’ll talk about what’s next.

My experience with successful people is that they don’t stand still.

They believe that their futures are bigger than their pasts, and they are constantly challenging themselves to continue to create new, better, and more substantial value for their friends, their colleagues, and for the world.

So a little about me for now. You’ll definitely learn a lot more about me as we make our way through the podcast episodes.

I’m 52, I was born and raised in Havertown, Pennsylvania, which is a small, working-class suburb of Philadelphia. When I was 24, my wife Jamy and I were married, and at 25 we moved to the Milwaukee, Wisconsin area, where we’ve been ever since.

I started my career in the corporate world, and I spent about 5 years there before, ultimately, not enjoying success, and I decided to co-found a company called Advanced Waste Services in 1992 with my partner and friend Butch Weiss.

The company helped manufacturers recycle and otherwise manage their wastewater and other by-product wastes, to help them meet their sustainability, their profitability, and their production goals.

It was a great business. We really got to get inside a lot of interesting plants and meet interesting people making things that really help all of us lead a much better, much more fun life — and an easier life.

In 2015, after growing the business to include about 140 team members, and operating in six locations through the upper midwest, and generating about $45 million in annual revenue, we were acquired by a large publicly traded company.

Now, I’m an entrepreneur, a writer, an innovator, a blogger, and a podcast host as well.

Welcome to the How’d It Happen Podcast.  More to come; thanks for being part of my audience.


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Mike Malatesta

Mike Malatesta

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