Mike Malatesta, My Entrepreneurial Story – Episode 2

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Mike co-founded a company in 1992 that grew to $45 million in revenue, across 6  locations, with 140 team members, by 2015.

The company was recently acquired by a large publicly traded company and now Mike is an entrepreneur, writer, blogger, and podcast host as well.

In this episode, Mike is interviewed by Dave Mastovich on Dave’s podcast – The No Bullsh*t Marketing Podcast.

And Mike thought it would be a good experience for everyone to listen to that podcast which he did with Dave Mastovich, The No Bullshit Marketing Podcast, that he does out of Pittsburgh.

Dave and Mike met at a TEC meeting. TEC Vistage is a business group, and Dave came to Mike’s group to do a presentation on marketing.  He impressed Mike so much, that when they were having lunch together, Mike started talking to him about his blogging and his desire to be a podcast host. And it turns out, Dave is a podcaster as well. In fact, he just celebrated his 250th episode. So he’s been doing it for a really, really, long time.

And he kept in touch with Mike since the TEC meeting, just seeing how Mike was doing with his blogging, podcasting. Eventually, he asked Mike if he wanted to be on his podcast.

Mike said “Dave, I don’t know much about marketing. I’m not sure that I would be ideal for your guests.”

And Dave said, “No, no, no, no. My guests, my audience are not just marketers. They are people that are interested in leadership, and running businesses, and understanding what makes people successful.”

And Mike said, “Hmm, that’s kinda like what I’m trying to do to.”

So, Dave was gracious enough to ask Mike to be on his podcast, which he did.

Mike thought it would be instructive and valuable for everyone to get a chance to listen to his two episodes (combined into 1 podcast above) of the No Bullshit Marketing Podcast with Dave Mastovich.


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Mike Malatesta

Mike Malatesta

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