Kyle Weatherly, CEO, Frontdesk for Short-term Corporate Housing – Episode 5

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Kyle Weatherly, the CEO of #Frontdesk, is on the podcast today. Frontdesk is a Milwaukee-based startup focused on professionalizing the short-term corporate housing rental experience.

Kyle is a #MarquetteUniversity graduate with an MBA in Non-profit Management from #UWMadison.

Originally determined to commit his talents to the non-profit world, Kyle landed at #HabitatforHumanity for several years before getting a call he couldn’t ignore. The call was from Kyle’s mom. She asked him if he’d consider helping her company, #Solaris, a medical compression device manufacturer she’d started in her home.

Under Kyle’s leadership, Solaris grew 20x over 10 years and, in 2014, the business was sold to #Lohrmann&Rauscher, a German conglomerate.

In this wide-ranging conversation, Mike talks with Kyle about his business and leadership experiences, what’s worked in his life and what hasn’t, how he works on tackling his weaknesses and what makes him unique. It’s a fascinating conversation with a proven (and humble) leader.

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Please enjoy Mike’s conversation with Kyle Weatherly.


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