How’d it Happen? Podcast

“How’d it Happen?” is a conversational-based podcast, hosted by me, Mike Malatesta.  I’m a curious guy living in the Midwest who’s had some success, along with a lot of “not-quite success”.  I like to avoid the word failure. Its connotation can be dangerous.  Some might describe me as a hard-working & successful entrepreneur, investor and thought leader.  Others might have a different point of view. Ultimately, I encourage you to make your own assessment.

The podcast explores the stories, beliefs, actions, and experiences of my guests, each of whom has achieved a high level of success in their lives, which I like to define as the value a person creates for others in the world.  My guests will include entrepreneurs, business and non-profit leaders, physicians, athletes, adventurers, artists, teachers and other high performers from all walks, all points, and all perspectives of life.

As the Podcast’s name suggests, the conversations will definitely dig deep into “how” our guests made it happen and became successful.  But we won’t stop there. We’ll further explore the “who, what and why’s” that impacted and influenced (for better, or worse) their lives, their thinking and ultimately, their doing, on the way to getting where they are today.

My curiosity may lead us down paths guests may never have gone down before in a format like this.  I hope that happens a lot. I want to get deeper than their public persona to talk about their challenges, fears, missteps, and anxieties (let’s face it, we all have them) to make sure they help us understand what their unique success trajectory looked like.  My experience is that it’s never as easy or as smooth as people might think.

Finally, we’ll talk about “what’s next.” Successful people don’t stand still. It’s just not part of their DNA.  They believe that their futures are bigger than their pasts and they are constantly challenging themselves to create new, better and more substantial value for their friends, their colleagues, and the world.  My promise to you is that I will work hard to bring you top-notch guests, with remarkable stories that will touch, challenge and inspire you to grow.

I appreciate you listening to the podcast and sharing your thoughts with me.  Please don’t be shy about telling me what you like, and what you don’t.  Let me know how I can improve the podcast to make it more interesting and meaningful for you.

And lastly, a quick favor.  If you like the How’d It Happen podcast, please rate it on iTunes (other).  I’d be appreciative and grateful!


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