It’s My Fault – Episode 53.5

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This is a story about responsibility that I call, “It’s My Fault.”

“My assistant really dropped the ball on me this time.”

“My drivers can’t follow simple directions.”

“Our sales guys are useless.”

“Our people are too dumb to understand a 401k plan.”

“We’re pissing money away and nobody seems to give a damn about it.”

“Why can’t everyone just do what they are paid to do?”

“How can somebody be that dumb?”

You’ve probably heard an entrepreneur, a manager, a leader, say these things and things like these from time to time.

Maybe even you said them yourself, if not in a work situation, (which you probably have, c’mon now) definitely in a buying situation – like at a fast food place that is too slow, or a grocery story with someone trying to pay with a check in front of you.

I know I have. Either out loud or usually to myself.

It’s a natural reflex for most of us, I think.

Blaming someone else for a mistake, a miscue, or some other deficiency, keeps us from blaming or even looking at ourselves.

It makes us feel superior – like we never make mistakes.

Or certainly not the kind of mistake, whomever we’re talking about, just made.

It’s also weak and unfair and causes us to avoid the real problem.

It took my a long time to realize everything happening in my company is my fault.

Find out what happens next, when Mike realizes everything happening in his company is his fault…. by listening to the rest of this “.5 project” on the How’d It Happen Podcast, hosted by Mike Malatesta, where every Tuesday Mike shares a story that relates to his entrepreneur experience starting a business in 1992 and growing it to a $50 million company over 22 years.

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