Jerry Jendusa, How to Get Unstuck in your Business Part 2 – Episode 35

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Jerry Jendusa has mastered how to get unstuck in your business and skyrocket results. He leverages his experience selling an aerospace business that he started in his basement, grew to $100 Million in revenue and employed more than 600 people. He teaches business owners, entrepreneurs, and business coaches how to get your business on a single page plan and create success on 5 pillars, all while maintaining focus on having fun. You can learn his approach to get Unstuck in your business by purchasing his book Get Unstuck on his website or on amazon.

He is the co-founder of STUCK Coaching and STUCK Fund 1 and, before that, the co-founder and CEO of EMTEQ a Wisconsin based aviation equipment manufacturing and engineering company that he sold to a strategic acquirer.

You will learn a lot about his approach to get unstuck in your business, and you will also learn why Jerry feels good about the companies he has invested in since selling his aerospace company.

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Please enjoy Part 2 with Jerry Jendusa.


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